Traditional and Experiential Services

Over the years we have continued to expand our offerings as a Center for Growth & Learning and now offer a multitude of traditional and experiential services in the areas of Mental Health and Wellness.

Counseling: In addition to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, we also offer in-office talk therapy services. This more traditional approach may be used independently, or in conjunction with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Therapeutic Coaching ®: Is an outcome based coaching method that is all about redirecting energy towards recognizing resources and strengths! Contact Heather Jeffrey for more information.

Labyrinth: The Butterfly Peace Path™ labyrinth is designed to help people reflect, connect, heal, grow, transform and lead more inspired lives. The labyrinth is an ancient and powerful meditation tool for realizing balance and inner calm and provides the opportunity for each one of us to slow down, take time to reflect, and find inner peace amidst the stresses of our busy lives.

The Butterfly Peace Path™ is an original labyrinth design, born out of the collaboration between landscape artist & wake-up coach William Grace Frost, and life coach & peace educator, Jackie Levin. To schedule a time to walk the Butterfly Peace Path™, please contact Acres for Life.

Music: Healing harp, Native American Flute, Reiki Drumming, drumming circles ~ music therapy is an incredible way to get in touch with yourself! Contact us for programming and workshops that incorporate healing through music and sound.

Art: Art helps people discover their passion and heal their life! Whether it be deep and profound healing, or fun and creative projects that enliven the mind - art in therapy is a wonderful experience that we are proud to include as part of your wellness jouney!

Reiki: Reiki is an ancient form of working with energy that is all about relaxation, rejuvenation, and increasing awareness and communication in the body.