Julie Neuman


  • EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Certified Practitioner

Through my daughter Madi’s passion for horses, I wanted to know “why in the world would anyone want to own a horse?” Twelve years later, I can’t imagine life without horses. My deeper understanding of “why horses” came when I found myself in the pasture desperately finding answers to Madi’s depression/anxiety during her middle and high school years. I yearned for more answers to my experiences in the pasture and this is when I found Acres for Life in 2013. I could have returned to teaching Special Education and instead discovered a new found passion that includes horses, humans and healing. Volunteering at Acres led to being trained in the EAGALA model with an Equine Specialist certificate. From Acres grew a desire to help other girls like Madi overcome similar obstacles. AKA Sisterhood, a pilot program for girls in grades 4-8, transpired to end relational aggression (bullying) in young girls, partnering with horses (Acres for Life), nature, the arts, theatre (improv/role play) and community…the journey continues!
I live with my husband, 2 daughters, son, 3 horses, 1 cat and dog in St. Croix Falls, WI. My hobbies are anything one could do on a trail; horse back riding, mountain biking, running, snow shoeing, hiking….and eating pizza!